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No upfront capital required. Engineered to deliver positive cash flow and favorable terms.

IEG Capital LEEP Proposal: Example
Savings Results:
Total Monthly Savings: $ 1,440.00
Total Annual Savings: $ 17,280.00
Total 10 Year Savings: $ 172,800.00
Cost Proposal:
Project Cost: $ 25,211.98
Utility Incentive: $ 4,725.00
Net Project Cost: $ 20,486.98
Cost Buyout & Extended Payment Options:
Cash Upfront Lease Option
(48 months)
Monthly Savings: $ 1,440.00 $ 1,440.00
Monthly Payments: $ ** 25,211.98 $ 614.41
Project ROI: 1.46 N/A
Effective Monthly Cash Flow: N/A $ 825.59
** One Time Cash Upfront Payment
"The IEG Capital Advantage"

Create energy savings to pay for the project
Defer payments until the project is 100% complete

IEG Capital L.E.E.P. - Lighting Energy Efficiency Program
Standard Terms: 48 months/2.99%

Total project cost can be financed. Monthly payments equal less than the monthly energy savings, creating positive monthly cash flow.

The Bottom Line

Our system can be purchased or rented, allowing your business to realize immediate savings with no risk or liability. Not sure if your business is a candidate? The consultation is free.