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Save up to 40% or more on your
company’s monthly energy costs.

The IES Utility Solution

Our Utility Solution is designed to replace traditional utility-owned infrastructure allowing customers to lower energy costs.

Our Revolutionary System is designed exclusively for the needs of commercial and industrial businesses. The system will pass on energy savings directly to you – up to $2,000 or more monthly based on your demand – with no money down or added distribution charges. This not only provides instant cost reduction but a business asset you own through the life of your company.

The value lies in its easy installation design to pass energy savings directly to your bottom line. We build each in our manufacturing plant and handle the shipping and installation with limited interruptions to your operations.


Our customers can see an internal rate of return of 40% on average through rate class adjustments or conversions from municipal power companies. This means it will pay for itself over time. As your company grows, so does your energy savings.
Annual kWh used: 1,680,000
Class: General Service-Secondary ("Rate GS")

Service Charge: $7
Capacity Charge: $13.68
Monthly Average bill: $3,949.67
Annual kWh used: 1,680,000
Class: General Service-Secondary ("Rate Gp")

Service Charge: $150
Capacity Charge: $2.45
Monthly Average bill: $1,529.74



The Installation

1. Evaluate

Upon ordering, a factory rep will do a site visit to evaluate the main electrical service size, transformer location, and how your local power supplier is feeding the building.

2. Make the Conversion

After our initial factory rep visit we work with your host utility to make the conversion.

3. The Build Process

Our unique modular build process makes the install swift and easy. Included in our installation is a quick transformer replacement.

We offer a full service, Insured and Bonded Commercial/Industrial Electrical Contractor Serving Northeastern Ohio Since 1982. Expect full assembly within 7-10 days from ordering with 90% of the install performed prior to shut down to keep down time at a minimum. For 24x7 operations we will work with you to determine the best time to install.

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DLL Financial Solutions Partner

IES Utility Solution, in partnership with DLL, offers financing that requires $0 upfront or out-ofpocket expense and is designed to be cash flow positive or neutral to the bottom line on day one, while maximizing energy savings and return on investment.

DLL, the #1 vendor finance provider by volume in the US for 9 consecutive years*, is an experienced funding source for non-residential clean technology projects. For over 45 years, DLL has been providing financing options that are tailored to meet a customer’s unique needs, preserve working capital, and enable project implementation in the absence of a budget. Nationally, DLL is recognized as the largest provider of integrated vendor financing programs, partnered with some of the worlds largest companies.

*Monitor May/June 2017

The Bottom Line

Our system can be purchased or rented, allowing your business to realize immediate savings with no risk or liability. Not sure if your business is a candidate? The consultation is free.